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Nov. 15th, 2008

Me as kiba

To my hopes and dreams i say goodbye...

Greattttttttttttttttttttttttttttt... James just dropped us.. time to kiss any hope of ever making it big-ish goodbye..

But you know what..? Me and the guys haven't been this close in so long... Hays asleep on Max's lap, hes talking to [yes talking, not shouting] to Al.. Greg is cuddled up to Jess while she -tries- not to fall alseep.. they've finally worked things out.. and he finally listened...

And me?.. well im not texting.. i miss her like crazy... and it hurts not being able to talk to her, but i know she's having funn and i know that having just alittle break can be good sometimes... So i think i just might live through it.. Not that i'm saying i want to do this again... but i have to share her with her friends atlest alittle.. lmao.

But yeah... i felt like i needed to just vent alittle..

Especially about my twat of a step brother.. i mean come on...urghhhhh.

Can he get any cockyer?! Grrr.. makes me want to hit him..again. but yeah thats not allowed.. i scare Alex...which i -hateeee- doing..

My stepdad:.... No comment.

~Smirks~ But yeah.. other than all that drama my life pretty much rocks... i wont do into any details.. she'll kill me... but cant waittttt till febuary.. goona be AMAZING.. if it lives up to the hype. ;D

Anyways i'm getting threatened with them pulling the power lead out so..... ______________*Laptopshuttingdown*___


Oct. 5th, 2008

Me as kiba


Urghhhhhhhhhhhhhh, I HATE IT I HATE IT I HATE IT... But there you go Alexxxxxxx, happy now??

Sep. 6th, 2008

Me as kiba

Hehe, see Jakey told you i would post itttt!

Hello Jake[y] & Steph[Racoooon] Here...just wanted to say::


Steph: Seriously has anyone noticed how UNATTRACTIVE the guy playing Edward in the film is... i mean it completey ruins his image!

Jake: Although i cant wait to see how the film dudes have done it all and how he runs and to actually see 'Bella' and ~mutters~ 'edward' together...i don't like the guy...at all...hes just not what i expected at all so.. I agree with the Racoon ~points~

Steph: Ahh,  but thats just because you hate that the [Book] Edward is soooooooooooo hottttt!

Jake: But i hate The [film] Bella too so clearly thats not true..

Steph: I think it could still be true though.

Jake: Whatever, what was your point in invading my lj anyways??

Steph: No idea, i was bored, don't have the energy to speak, so i thought typing on lj in a post like on msn might be a change.

Jake: you're weird...

Steph: You're crazy

Jake: you're a racoon

Steph: you're jealous of Smexi Edwarddddd

Jake: ~Growlsss~ i am not jealous of Prettyboy

Steph: Then why do you growl when i say his name?? EdwardEdwardEdwardEdwardEdwardEdwardEdward.

Jake: ~Rollseyes~ are you actually going to post this rubbish?

Steph: **grin** Of course

Jake: Meh..Anywayss looky: http://fc06.deviantart.com/fs28/f/2008/130/c/4/lion_and_lamb__by_Feikje.png

Steph: Ooooh, smexi Edward! and a kinda cool bella i like that one.

Jake: thought you would.

Steph: Oh hey jake.. i've just thought of another reason why you're like Edwardd because you Luuuurvvve Alexxxxx and you'd like die without her annndddd  although its guitar and not piano you are very musical..and you've writen Alex tons of-----

Jake: ~Clamps hand over mouth~ Okay thats enough, you can use my laptop but if you're going to post this then i'm not typing another word.

Steph: **giggles and hits post** :P!

Me as kiba

(no subject)

Is it my fault?
Have i done something to make her not want to tell me...?
I know that i shouldn't push so hard... i just wish i knew what she was thinking..
I suppose i now know how Prettyboy feels..
It's so frustrating sometimes..
Looks like i just need to get used to the fact that theres somethings she wont tell me..

Jul. 1st, 2008

Me as kiba

Writer's Block: Choose a Power

Vampires or werewolves?
Teleport of course. ;D!

Jun. 16th, 2008

Me as kiba

Writer's Block: The Eternal Nocturnal Struggle

Vampires or werewolves?
 Vampires of course. ;D
Me as kiba

One word: Urgh. >.

I hate Maxx..
Everything hes saying isreally getting to me...and then i just act all confusingly werid with her and....>_<x325834654632456347856347865!
Im completely giving her the wrong idea...she seems to think i want to change my mind...which will never happen.
Im absoloutly Crazy about her....but she refuses to see just how awesomeee she is..
&Just how much i really do love her.
I want to do it like im books or movies...or all those fanfictions she reads..lol
...To just turn up when she lest expects it & just pull her close and kiss her..
Im just not sure....if she wants to be as serious about me as i am about her....
Oh well...for now im just going to finish my bottle of blue and go with it...lol...xD

God i hate it that she keeps blacking/passing out...
Scares the heck outta me......
Me as kiba

Rain is falling down on the sidewalk...<33

Confusing feelings~
Annoying Thoughts~
&Things i can't do~

Yeah...that pretty much sums up my life right now...haha.

All my friends seem to be pairing up at the moment, so no matter what i always seem to feel like a third wheel. xD!
My best friend...well apparently she wants me back...and loves to remind me of the fact that the girl i love happens to live miles away and will prolly just end up finding someone close and just leave me heartbroken again... =/
She seems to forget that she was the one who cheated on me with one of my worst enemys.. =/x2

~They'll tear us apart
If you give them the chance...<33

Jun. 5th, 2008

Me as kiba

~Consider this as a gift as you taste him on your lips....<33

God what i wouldn't give to taste her on my lips right now.

Is it really possible to be this crazy about a girl you've never met?
It must be.....because i know my feelings are real.
I just can't stop thinking about her. 
I've been texting her pretty much all day, im even talking to her right now, yet i can never get enough of her.
Shes so awesomeeee, even if shes convinced she fails at life...xD!

So umm...yeah..im in abit of a weird kinda mood...lol....half crushing and half...hmm how do i put this nicely..xD...'Aroused'? xD!!

And just alittle bit annoyed, all men are bastardz, and i really feel like hitting a certian one xD!...not that i know him or anything.....but i have my reasons to want to hit him..

&& again i feel really stupid for saying silly cheesy crap..spesh when i know she'll prolly force me to let her read all this.. ;P ...i guess i can't help it...im almost as bad as my sister..xD!

Well anyways....Not alot eles to say....except..xD..

Im moving soon so if anyone is actualy reading this i'll be offline for abit...but as my sister says 'Never fear, i WILL be back..' >;D....Haha

Wow...im going to be sooo bored with out my P.c considering my laptop is packing up lately.... >_<;

& i am so crushed about not being able to see linkin park live just because im moving..it sooo sucks...oh well...fob for an...8th? time sounds cool....just as long as i get to go with her....xD!

Well Laterzz.....<33

Jun. 2nd, 2008

Me as kiba

Writer's Block: Scaredy cat

What animal frightens you most, and why?
One word, One SCARY animail:: .....SPIDERS!

Yes, i am a guy, but i have a major phobea of them for some reason....;P

P.s...atlest i didn't scream xD!

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